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Join our community to receive discounts with some of Australia's best collectibles retailers and events from a selection of Australia's favourite breakers!

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Explore our partnered breakers and experience the excitement of live card breaks from the comfort of your home. All our partnered breakers break daily!

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Explore our partnered breakers and experience the excitement of live card breaks from the comfort of your home. All our partnered breakers break daily!

Time 4 Draw #1

Once we reach 100 members, the 1-month countdown begins for this promotion!
Time 4 Member will get to choose 1 of the following 2 options.

Option 1: Hobby Box Slammer!

  • 1 x Crown Royale 2024-24 Box
  • 1 x Obsidian 2023-24Box
  • 1 x Recon 2023-24 Box
  • 1 x Court Kings 2023-24 Hobby Box
  • 1 x Time 4 Cap

Option 2: Sports Card World Credit!

  • Winner can take $2,000 credit to spend however they like at Sports Card World Adelaide.

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Connect with fellow collectors, experience the thrill of trading card breaking and much more.

Featuring tradings cards from some of the best leagues around the world.

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Time 4
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Uniting Collectors: The Story of Time 4 Collectibles

In the world of sports, cards and collectibles community, there's a special place where enthusiasts come together to share their passion and uncover treasures...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about trading card breaking, membership details, and purchasing merchandise.

What is card breaking?

Card Breaking refers to the popular practice of opening packs, boxes or cases of a product simultaneously, and then distributing the cards to a larger group of paying customers. Breakers sell ‘spots’ to their breaks, and customers receive a defined portion of the opened product. In most cases, customers will pay for a specific team, which entitles them to any card belonging to a player from that team; in other cases, the customer is simply given a randomised spot in the break, where a team is then randomly assigned to the spot. It's a social way to collect, or hit high value cards without buying entire boxes.

How does Time 4 work?

Time 4 Is a membership based platform which provides members with real and relevant rewards within the sports, cards and collectibles community.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or rediscovering a childhood hobby, joining Time 4 opens doors to a vibrant community of card breakers, retailers, fashion outlets, and punters.

We've partnered with some of Australia's finest, granting you exclusive rewards and access. As a member, you can enjoy discounts with our partner retailers, while also gaining the opportunity to access weekly and monthly draws from our top breakers,

Check out our signup page for a detailed breakdown of what each membership plan includes.

What types of cards are available?

We've curated a diverse range of breakers, ensuring an extensive selection. From the latest releases to sought-after vintage boxes, our offerings cover all bases. With breakers catering to every sport, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for. Plus, as a member, enjoy exclusive discounts at select card retailers nationwide. Spot an old Tim Hardaway or Emmit Smith card on display? With your in-store discount, it could soon be part of your personal collection.

How can I join?

To join our community, visit our signup page, choose your membership level, and unlock access instantly.

Starting at just $14.95, our "Rookie" membership offers incredible value.

If members choose the next level up, our "Veteran" membership offers further discount along with the added excitement of a chance at events weekly, through breaks with our top breakers.

Or for the serious collector, our prestigious "Hall of Fame" membership qualifies members for larger rewards, including entry into our "Breaker of the Month" event.

Join us today and elevate your collecting experience!

What other features will you be releasing?

Check out our season schedule page for our roadmap and regular updates.

Can I sell my cards?

This is part of Time 4 Collectibles road map. Stay tuned for this feature to be unlocked.

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