Season Schedule

Our Exciting Journey Towards the Future

Time 4 is only just getting started. Check out our season schedule below to see what exciting new features, releases and news are coming to you, very soon.

2024 - Q3

The Kick OFF

Once Time 4 hits a century of members, everything begins! Brace yourselves for our monthly giveaways, complemented by the thrill of weekly breakers' rewards. But don't forget to mark these milestones: 100, 250, 500, and the coveted 1000 member mark will feature exclusive offerings that you wont want to miss out on.

2024 - Q4

Unleashing Potential

We will continuously innovate and improve our platform to provide the best experience for our community.

2025 - Q1

Expanding Reach

We aim to reach more enthusiasts and partners to create a thriving sports, cards and collectibles ecosystem.

2025 - Q2

Enhancing Features

We will introduce exciting new features and tools to empower our users and enhance their experience.

2025 - Q3

Building Connections

We will foster a strong community and establish valuable partnerships within the sports, cards and collectibles industry.

Member Bonuses

Our Member Schedule

As a Time4 member, you will be in the running to win our monthly give away. As our community grows, so will our giveaways. Our giveaway roadmap is as follows:

100 Members

Our first giveaway will take place once we hit 100 members. The date we hit this milestone will also lock in the date for when we run our monthly giveaway. Each month will be a new prize, or can be tailored towards the winner.

250 Members

Once Time4 hits 250 members, we will also hold a special giveaway for our 1st 250 members.

500 Members

Once Time4 hits 500 members, we will also hold a special giveaway for our 1st 500 members.

1000 Members

Once Time4 hits 1,000 members, we will also hold a special giveaway for our 1st 1000 members

1000+ Members

Once Time4 maintains and exceeds 1,000 members, we will convert to weekly giveaways, with 1x main giveaway every month.